• Our products are shipped to the clientes only after exciting Quality examination in our laboratory to satisfy their requirement of Quality product since we trust in quality service and our dictum is Customer Satisfaction.
  • We use only contractors whom we recognize well and have stay in/ audited and who are usually known to be consistent.
  • Material safety data sheet (MSDS) information can be got in the MSDS data library.
  • Every basic material is then focus to a detailed quality control examination. The precise constraints for QC examinations will differ from product to product grounded on the knowledge and safety held on a specified product or provider but regularly these examinations comprise compliance with the subsequent to attain positive issue of the goods.

    1. Organoleptic assessment (odour, presence, taste etc) as suitable.
    2. Visual evaluation (clarity, colour, foreign materials etc)
    3. Specific gravity (SG) )
    4. Optical rotation (OP)
    5. Refractive index (RI)
    6. Flash Point (FP)
    7. Solubility (usually in ethanol)
    & a full range of product specific tests.